Notes on Nancy Buchanan

Nancy Buchanan
“These Creatures,” video, (1979)

Buchanan, Nancy. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Piece,” La Mamelle Magazine: Art Contemporary, no.4, v.1, Spring 1976, PP8-9. Documentation with text and photo of performance work presented August 1974 at the Gerard John Hayes Gallery, Los Angeles. Excerpt:

In preparation for this performance, I had multiple photographs made of myself wearing a long, blonde wig, which I signed and numbered; these were sold as raffle tickets. The audience was greeted by Blue Cheer, a rock ‘n’ roll band, who introduced me. Together we performed a song entitled “Union oil Company’s annual report to shareholders,” which I composed from the same, written by Fred Hartley Jr. (Union Oil). I was then blindfolded and drew two winnders for the raffle. While seated at a small table, a performer drew a syringe of my blood. I announced that the raffle prize was four shares of Union Oil stock, which I had inherited from my family some years previously. I read the latest Dow Jones averages for Union Oil from the “Wall Street Journal,” and signed away ownership with the blood.

Performance Anthology: Sourcebook of California Performance Art, 1989


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